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The Baseball Map has locations for the stadiums of every active professional baseball team in the United States (and then some!), but also a number of other locations, including stadiums of past teams in baseball history, museums, landmarks, and more. While there aren't likely to be large numbers of new stadiums built each year, there are a ton of other locations we need your help collecting! Any type of baseball related location is welcome, whether it be a dirt field where baseball was played on for one sunday afternoon in 1890, or the filming location of an awesome (or not awesome...) baseball movie. Submit as many as you'd like, we can't wait to add your suggestions to the map!

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The Baseball Map is a side project for now, so the information might not be 100% accurate, and grammatical errors are bound to be hidden in the map. Please help us fix these by pointing them out to us. We want The Baseball Map viewing experience to be as fault free as possible. Anyone that submits a fix is player of the year in our books.