A sign from a local street corner

Letters alone are powerful, but when they're carefully stylized, the message becomes so much more potent.

My lettering routine begins with paper & pen (but sometimes, iPad & stylus). The words I want to draw might form a clear layout in my head, and I'll scribble them many times over until things feel right, akin to solving a puzzle. More often, I'm not set on a layout, and I'll need to try out a variety of styles and sizes before finding one that works.

The scribbles are small and quick to draw. Sometimes I’ll need a bigger canvas to get the detail I desire in the final copy. I'll usually score a few straight lines to use as guides, and then start building. There's a lot of erasing involved.

When I like what I've got, I'll scan it, and then clean it up and add color digitally, or leave it on paper, but add details with ink.

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