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Hey there!
I'm Alexander, a designer & engineer living in San Francisco, California.

I design whimsical experiences and build software with impact. My work is multidisciplinary and people-focused.

I'm a proficient doodler, green thumb, and self-tracking enthusiast. As a native New Yorker, I have specific opinions on pizza & bagels. I enjoy playing pinball, looking at maps, and trying new hot sauces. I constantly think about how things can be better designed.

One of my many plants

I'm the designer and developer of Logger - an iOS app for tracking anything. It's a simple data collection tool built for the average person.

I write a newsletter about finding and investing in improve-able software. I recently acquired a Mac app, improved it, and rebranded it as Intermission.

Previously, I was a founding engineer at Spectrum Labs. What began in a Palo Alto garage has evolved into a team of over a dozen, and growing. During my time there, I designed and bootstrapped machine learning systems that protect online communities from trolls and toxic behavior. They are currently deployed by several of the world's largest online properties.

Communities are the past, present, and future of the web. Some of my favorites are Pinside, RatRodBikes, Hacker News, and (certain subsets of) Twitter.

I'm quite proud of a variety of projects and hobbies. I invite you to explore some of them:

Side Projects

  • Find legitimate online business for sale, faster. AppScout
  • Quickly rank anything, one comparison at a time. Pairwise
  • Communicate Secretly with Ciphers. Secret Codes
  • Generate a playable quiz from a Wikipedia page. WikiQuiz
  • Discover the most exciting moments in Baseball. Scout
  • A map of baseball stadiums and team affiliations. The Baseball Map
  • Play hangman, but with gifs! GifGuess


  • A Community for Coffee Lovers. Roasted
  • Interactive storytelling, in your browser. Campfire
  • Find trivia events in your area. Trivia Knight
  • Students helping students. Halp!
My coffee cup.

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