Simple GroupMe analytics
What's Happening?
Top 25 NBA teams W/L record visualized
Computer vision + traffic cameras
The Baseball Map
SWOT board app
Command line todo list
Java, C, Python
HTML/CSS, Javascript
Swift, Xcode
Git, SVN
Eventbrite, Summer 2016
Software Engineering Intern

TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2016
Credit Trainer lets you play and learn about how life events affect your credit score
★ 3rd Place / team of 3

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2016
Halp! finds you a tutor who has taken the class you're taking / team of 3

Hudl, Summer 2015
Dev Intern, Team Sports Tribe, Core Video

TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2015
★ 2nd Place / team of 3
Press Release

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2015
★ Hack Award / team of 4

Apple iOS App Challenge, 2013
★ Audience Choice Award / team of 3
Fountain Fusion

I have been a Yankees fan since birth. Here I'm keeping track of the baseball stadiums I've been to:
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